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Cordless Combo Kit Product Guide

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10-12-2013 10:04 pm

One of the most popular tools in the homecenters this season is the Black&Decker Matrix. This changelingof a tool separates the handle, battery, and motor from the tool'shead, which translates the provided energy into usable work.Individual power units can be purchased to increase thecapabilities of the whole kit. The concept promises to delivergreat performance at a much cheaper price. Needless to say, webought a Matrix the second we saw it in a hom


Cordless Combo Kit Guide

Bosch CLPK27-120 Combo KitOverview

Combo kits are a fast and easy way to get started with cordless tools. They concistently represent a good value compared to buying the tools individually.

Shopping Guide

Combo kits have consistently been a good deal for consumers. Pruchasing the tools included in a particular kit is almost always more expensive than purchasing the kit.

Kits often include only 1 or 2 batteries. If you plan on using your tools heavily, invest in a third and maybe fourth battery.

Cordless Combo Kits by Number of tools

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by Milwaukee


"This kit gets you started with the brushless technology. Few tools match the two in this kit. The M18 battery system may just be the best on the market."
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by Milwaukee