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Impact Wrench Product Guide

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Impact Wrench Guide


Impact wrenches are used to drive bolts and nuts. They produce much greater torque compared to screwdrivers. Due to their size and weight they are a poor choice for driving screws or drilling.

Shopping Guide

1) Choose a torque range

Torque produced is the most important factor of an impact wrench. Good tools produce high torque at a low tool weight.

2) Choose a driver size

The size of the driver's chuck determines much about it's versatility. While adapters can be used to change any size of chuck to and other, the tool's handling will be most comfortable with just a bit installed.

The 1/2" square chuck is the most common for impact drivers. It is a good choice around the house and in the garage for working on cars.

The 3/4" is common in machine shops and garages that work on trucks. Impcat drivers with this type of chuck are considerably heavier than their smaller brothers.

1" and larger chucks are found on only the largest, most powerful tools.

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