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Cordless Recip Saw Product Guide

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08-18-2013 7:57 pm

I have a soft spot for small reciprocating saws.These saws are mini-chain saws and come with all the fun of usingone. I use my small recip saw to cut up everything I can get myhands on around the house. Naturally I had to order a Bosch PS60-2Ato figure out if it is a better version of one of my most usedtools. Let's take a look at the PS60 and figure out if it is a wildcat or a kitten.

The Bosch PS60 Recip Saw

The PS60


05-28-2013 2:58 pm

We always wanted to get a small-size cordlessreciprocating saw into our shop to find out why everyone was ravingabout this new style of tool. The Milwaukee 2420 fit the blend ofquality, performance, and value we want to see in every tool. Itwas time to get the saw into our shop. Let's take a look at whatthe Milwaukee 2420 recip saw is all about.

The Milwaukee 2420 Hackzall Reciprocating Saw

The Milwaukee 2420 is a small f


Cordless Recip Saw Guide

Milwaukee 2450 Recip SawOverview

Reciprocating saw are tools for rapid demolition. Equipped with the correct blade, a reciprocating saw will cut trhough metal and wood alike. Due to extremely high blade deflection a reciprocating saw cannot be used for fine work.

A cordless reciprocating saw is extremely useful around the house. It can be used for trimming trees, and basic repair work around the house. In this environment the saw is unlikely to run out of power.

On the jobsite, however, the battery capacity limits the saws utility. Battery management will disqualify the saw on an all-day demo  job. For ocassional cuts, especially on scaffolding, the cordless version is a great option.

Shopping Guide

1) Choose a stroke length

The stroke length determines how fast the saw cuts and how much vibration it produces.

Saws with 1 1/4" of stroke cut rapidly. These saws are typically large and heavy to make it easier to handle the inevitable vibrations linked to such power. A saw like this is best used for demolition, but can do fine work in a pinch.

Saws with a stroke of 3/4" or less are used for fine cuts. They are most often used by the trades during the construction stage. A good, small circular saw will cut a pipe without producing much vinration in the pipe itself.

2) Choose a power level

The size of the motor defines the size of the saw. Large motors are found in large, heavy saws. Smaller saws have little use for raw power. As a result they have smaller motors.

Alternatively battery voltage can be used to size a cordless reciprocating saw. Battery voltage closely mirrors motor power. A large electric motor requires higher input voltages to produce its output.

Cordless Recip Saws by Stroke length

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"A great, small saw for those small jobs. Does not have the power to do rough work. Vibrates a lot under heavy load. Good from plumbers and home/garden use."