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Hingmy - definition

"Hingmy is a Scottish term for 'thing whose name escapes the observer at the present moment'. It is analogous to the American terms 'whatchamacallit' and 'thingamajig'." is a wiki and community site for things. Find reviews, specifications, images, and information about any thing, no matter what it is called.

The first domain implemented in the database was "Power Tools & Woodworking Machinery", which Hingmy is well known for. Many more will follow.

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About Hingmy

Hingmy is built and maintained by Lorenz Prem (Twitter), a hobby woodworker, software guy, and Seattle-WA resident. His passion for power tools and woodworking machinery has led to the creation of the Hingmy tool database.

Every time we woodworkers buy a large machine, we spend time researching it online. Lorenz realized that search engines provided limited information. It is a challenge to find meaningful information in the sea of spam produced by search engines. There had to be a better way.

Hingmy strives to present all possible product options in a manner that allows meaningful decisions to be made. We show you every product. We make no decisions. We do not censor. It's all about the data.

Hingmy is not about pushing the views of one single entity. Members of the community are encouraged to add their own views to the database. Hingmy merely organizes these bits of data to be accessible to all.

Editorial Integrity

Hingmy is not affiliated with any of the tool manufacturers. We purchase all our review models in the open market. The opinions presented in our articles are our own and are not being influenced by any outside force. While objectivity is the goal, it would be disingenuous to pretend that reviews are completely void of the author's views and opinions. We let authors be themselves, but do not allow them to speak for other interests by proxy.

That being said, we do maintain relationships with most manufacturers for the purpose of uncovering scoops and to help manufacturers enter their products in the Hingmy database. We do not receive any compensation from any manufacturer.

If a special situation arises, you will find a full disclosure of any and all benefits we or the author received at the end of any affected articles.

The Community

The Hingmy community shares information and project ideas freely on the forums. Whatever you need to know about woodworking and home improvement, there is place for it somewhere on Hingmy and a kind soul to provide the answer. Join the community and share your knowledge!

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Hingmy LLC
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